Who we are

Andika is from the Kirundi verb “kwandika” which means “to write”. Hence, “andika” means “write”. Andika Solutions is thus a multiservice company which is contributing to reduce of unemployement by creating jobs and promoting entrepreneurship generally in Africa and particularly in Burundi without forgetting in the diaspora. Eager the betterment of Africa in general and Burundi, Andika has created and registered digital magazine in order to narrates the success stories of young entrepreneurs, roles-models, artists, fashion designers, Burundi and all over Africa and its diaspora who can be a good example to the youth We are located in Burundi but we are operating online to reach out as many as possible people all over Africa and its diaspora.

How we work

Our working philosophy

We feel very comfortable and get great satisfaction when working closely with our customers in a family-type, warm atmosphere, which allows us to establish a long-term relationship with our clients.


Meeting your needs appropriately


Providing you with quality services


We are customer happiness oriented

About Andika

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Andika is committed to meeting your needs appropriately. Our main goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Thank you for being our loyal customers. We’re very sure that after you’ve worked with us you will long to come back

Melchisedeck BOSHIRWA, Founder and Executive Director