Who is Zabulon Bucumi, the teacher of Mathematics at the University of Burundi, who makes shirts and handbags?

Zabulon BUCUMI is a teacher of various Mathematics courses at the University of Burundi. Apart from teaching, he is the founder of the ZA STYLE Company which manufactures handbags for ladies and makes shirts.

Zabulon Bucumi graduated in the faculty of polytechnic sciences, department of Physics, at the University of Burundi. He got the opportunity to go to Senegal to continue his studies with master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences. Inspired by a book, he decides to make his way into entrepreneurship. “I opted to do that profession after reading the book entitled “Le cadrant du cash-flow” written by Robert Kiyosaki.”

A shirt made by ZA STYLE Company.ARR

I have discovered, he adds, that with only my salary I cannot achieve my goals, and that if I die my diploma can be of no use to my family. I then decided to do a job that I could leave as a legacy to my family.”

Despite the difficulties, he did not throw in the towel. “In the early days, it was difficult for me to start because I had no capital. Also, it was difficult to find employees who can do what I want. Fortunately, someone trusted me and I got from him a loan of money that I invested. “, he reveals.

After being hired by the University of Burundi, Zabulon decides to apply for a loan from the bank to invest in his business. “I took the time to learn well my profession in order to teach my employees. Doing it the way I want really took me a long time. »

Today, Zabulon is pleased and proud of the progress of his business. “There is a profit because there has been a big improvement in what I do and so far, I have a lot of customers compared to the beginning and I am proud of that,” he rejoices.

Bags made by ZA STYLE Company. ARR

 In 5 years, he expects to have a large company with 150 to 300 employees, having a lot of machines that will help them in their production. “I also hope that, in 5 years, ZA STYLE Company will be a very recognized brand and worn by many people here in Burundi,” he says.

While advising young people, Zabulon invites them to read many books in order to strengthen their intellectual capacity. He also urges them to be courageous and know how to take advantage of the opportunities that come on their way while recommend them to use their phone well.

I had a scholarship using my phone and learned how to make shirts and handbags through Google and YouTube. I would advise young people to be trustworthy because if you are not, few people will trust you which can affect your activities.»