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Whether you need to publish a multilingual handout, translate bilateral contracts or prepare manuals for schools or an international market, Andika Solutions can help you achieve your goals in translating your various files using four languages namely English, French, Kirundi and Swahili.


Digital communication

Given that most of business companies, agencies and public figures websites rarely contain information, Andika Solutions aims to be very efficient to offer the web content production in English, French, Kirundi and Swahili according to the clients’ choices.

Digital Marketing

Are you in need of enhancing your strengths, showcasing your brands, products and services, capturing the attention of your audience and better developing your business? We launch targeted marketing, personalized advertising campaigns by sharing your message to everyone to get your business in front of people who are looking for your products or services.


Andika Solutions is committed to promoting entrepreneurship and young entrepreneurs through:
• Development of educational materials and intervention tools for stakeholders, trainers and start-up entrepreneurs.
• Development of entrepreneurial skills
• Training and support for the business plan
• Intensive seminars in Burundi and abroad
• Training on self-employment and micro-enterprise
• Training of stakeholders and advisers in entrepreneurship and business creation.


In order to promote English bin Africa, especially in Burundi, and facilitate those who would like to learn that language, Andika Solutions has set up a language center where English is taught. It collaborates also with other language centers from Burundi, Africa and all over the world for English language tests If you wish to take a course of the four languages mentioned above, you must first register from our social media and website according to the registration schedule provided.


Given that literature is still neglected in Burundi and in  Africa in general, Andika Solutions is committed to collaborate with different institutions and supporters to organize workshops, trainings contests, national and international meetings about literature to help, Burundian, African and other young writers foster their skills in literature especially writing, public speaking, recitations.