Sandrine Vyimana, the woman who makes pregnant and breastfeeding women fashions

Sandrine Vyimana a woman who lives in Bujumbura She graduated at Light University of Bujumbura in the Communication for Development Department in 2020. She implemented a company named “Belle et Enceinte” which produces pregnant and breastfeeding women fashions. She did it in order to facilitate women to find clothes during their body-health changes. That company runs its activities at Kabondo.

Sandrine turned the problems she once was facing into the solution of a crowd of people. “When I was pregnant, it was not easy for me to find clothes which fit my body change. Then, I got an idea of producing clothes for pregnant and breastfeeding women. I thought about the breast protectors from leaking during the nursing period. I wanted women to get those clothes easily. Thereafter, I fulfilled my thought,” she tells.

The beginning is always tough. It was not easy too for Sandrine in the beginning because she lacked trustworthy people to work together, and she met many discouraging people. 

However, victory belongs to people who never quit. Today, she appreciates the level of her business level as long as it is progressing.« For example, there is a competition called ‘Prix Awa’ that is organized by Enabel. When we competed we were 2,400 people from different African countries, and my Company ‘Belle et Enceinte’ was classified the third (third award, innovation category). In addition to that, we started working in a small place, but now, we’re in the wide one. Today we produce many garments more than before. Our clients also appreciate our  offers and they are the ones to bring other clients”.

Sandrine wishes her company Belle and Enceinte to reach the whole country in only four years.Belle et Enceinte Company run its activities in Bujumbura at Kabondo, Gihungwe Avenue No.23