Ornella Uwimana Produces Nice Furniture Using Recycled Tires

Ornella Uwimana graduated at Mont Kenya University of Rwanda in Faculty of Public Health. At the end of her university studies in 2017, she did never ask herself twice for charging in right creativity. She started producing salon furniture using recycled tires.

It was in 2017 when Ornella Uwimana decided to cultivate his talent.  She does furniture sample using tires and her mother appreciates it. The latter buys tires for her and also encourages her. “She told me that she saw this talent growing in me. She told me that because she saw me making earrings with sewing threads”, she entrusts.

Due to the time, Ornella Uwimana stopped her profession more than two years. “Since 2017, I thought that I could come back on my profession. I did a sample and someone adored and bought it. Later, a friend of mine ordered after appreciating it. Then I decided to go ahead”, she says. 

Furinture from recycled tires made by Ornella Uwimana. ARR

Mrs. Ornella work with carpenters and tailors who pack cushions and supports. Ornella is charged of paintings. Sheconfides that she learned to paint for their parents taught used to tell them to paint walls of their rooms.

It is not difficult for Ornella to get raw materials. The tires are gotten from mechanic centers in Buyenzi. As long as she sells mattresses at COTEBU Market, she is lucky to purchase them on low price.

She learns everything from YouTube

Mrs. Ornella UWIMANA indicates that she learned to make furniture from tires on YouTube. “I did research on YouTube channels that I watched currently”, she declares.

Furinture from recycled tires made by Ornella Uwimana. Picture by Burundi Bwiza

However, due to her creativity, she tweaks her products. “I sometimes spent my time meditating on new thing I may do to innovate what I have already done. Suddenly an idea comes in my mind, I for example added wrists for making easier their transport ».

Ornella makes furniture depending on orders. The color and the number of chairs depend on clients’ needs. « Normally, I make four chairs with one table and the whole is sold to BIF 600,000; each item costs BIF 120,000».

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Digital marketing 

The most of time, Ornella gets clients on the Internet. “I post my products online and my contact and clients look for me. Now, I am getting clients due to the appreciations of my neighbors, and what I do is pleasant as I heard it my friends.”

Furinture from recycled tires made by Ornella Uwimana.Picture by Burundi Bwiza

Ornella Uwimana advice young people, especially young ladies and women to charge in what they like and specially to follow their passion in realizing their dreams. “I once was fear to back on my profession, I asked myself who were going to fan my productions. Am I going to get clients?” But, as it was  my everyday heavy burden, I accepted risks. Now fruits are there. That is why I advise others to explore their talents and if possible, to accept risks ».

She continues saying that, when someone wants to make something, they try to find all possible  means to do realize, no matter how obstacles are, only you win fear.

Ornelee, in the middle, in her shop where she sells her products. Picture by Burundi Bwiza

Ornella started working from home in Kigobe, near the United States Embassy in Bujumbura. Today, she has just set up her physical address. She calls her customers to come and buy her outstanding products combining creativity and innovation. “Come many to buy recycled furniture at the Avenue de l’Université opposite to the Saint Michel-Archange School“, invites Ornella Uwimana.