Mr. Kameli Zephaniia Bwambale, the Ugandan yound social entrepreneur who uses tourism to foster community development and fight against climate change

Mr. Kameli Zephaniia Bwambale comes from Kasese District of Western Uganda. Kasese District is situated in the Eastern Rift valley with beautiful hills with abundant flora and fauna and surrounded by at least four (4) National Parks including Rwenzori mountains National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibaale National Park and Virunga National Park in the neighboring DR Congo. Despite the tourism potential in this area, Kasese still encounters with several social problems including low incomes, inadequate health, low education but also being hit with a climate change crisis with adverse effects such as floods, landslides, reduction in glaciers on Mount Rwenzori among others.

Mr. Kameli capitalizes on tourism as a means to empower people and provide them with skills to advance their local communities and mobilize the local population to fight climate change in Uganda. He founded a social enterprise called Musingika Tourism Company Limited and leads a young people movement against climate change in Uganda.

Musingika Tourism Company Limited is a registered green and social business enterprise that provide customized travel packages and mandated to contribute to growth of an inclusive and sustainable tourism economy through tourism training, strategic partnerships and collaboration, innovations, skills development, knowledge exchange and capacity building that promotes experiences to visitors as well as local residents.

Mr. Kameli Zephaniia Bwambale through Musingika Tourism Company Limited facilitates environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature accompanying cultural features that promote conservation, have a low visitor impact and provide for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local peoples.

As a young social entrepreneur, Mr. Kameli has noticed that the world is finally waking up to realize that climate change is a threat that can’t be ignored and young people are also the generation that will have to deal with the future impacts of climate change whether they like it or not and for that matter.

Mr. Kameli command a youth led movement against climate change in Uganda whose goal is to increase youth participation in the fight against Climate Change and to assure that voices and messages from underrepresented youth in Africa are heard by those directly involved in the decision making. He encourages more young people to join movements, to make their voices more audible across Africa in order to build an ever-greater momentum for positive change for environmental sustainability.

Over the past years, Mr. Kameli has been involved in community mobilization through tourism events, participatory trainings, seminars, workshops and sharing of information, creating awareness on ecotourism, identifying challenges and gathering possible solutions to climate change.