Meet Aline Joelle Nduwindavyi, the impressive website developer 

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Aline Joelle Nduwindavyi holds a software engineering degree. She is a third born in a family of five who is passionate about learning something new everyday. Joelle likes playing the piano and sports. This young lady is one of the few women in tech in Burundi.

That fact alone comes with so many challenges. “It was not easy to work in a male dominated environment, we were only two ladies in the office among ten men” says Joelle. She also adds that it was hard for the customers to start believing in the quality of her work. 

Through it all, she endured because she wanted to make herself and her family proud as well as inspire other women to dream big and never settle for less.

Aline Joelle has now been working with HOGI for a year and counting. The thing she appreciates the most about her work besides the satisfaction of a job well done, is the ideal working environment. She feels valued and respected with equal rights and freedom of speech for all. 

She is happy and loves what she does and is lucky enough to have supportive teammates. “My advice to ladies is to build their character, strengthen their emotions and have principles that guide their lives”, Joelle concludes. 

Anga Vicka Izere