Magoroto Forest Estate, a unique eco tourism camp site in the middle of a forest owned by Jeremiah Mchechu

A unique location in the middle of a forest, alongside a man-made lake that stands on top of a mountain. This fantasy-like destination goes under the name of Magoroto Forest Estate. Located in TangaTanzania exactly in the east Usambara mountains, Magoroto Forest Estate was started in January 2018 by a young man named Jeremiah Mchechu. This is an Eco tourism camp site that offers multiple activities namely hiking, fishing, swimming, rafting, camping and more.

Magoroto Forest Estate

Magoroto Forest Estate’s topography and unique experience packages are what set it apart from other adventure locations. “We offer an experience not just an accommodation”, says Jeremiah. Their accommodation packages are all inclusive with custom curated activities to give the guests an unforgettable experience.

When we asked Jeremiah about what motivated him to start this business, he responded, ”I’ve always had a passion for tourism, nature and the outdoor activities like hiking and camping. When I came across Magoroto Forest, I knew it was my chance to make that passion reality.

Magoroto Forest Estate

Be that as it may, starting was not an easy task. They started with just a small area and few tents because of low financial funding. The more the business was growing, the harder it became to conserve and maintain the forest. 

To this date, Jeremiah tells us that they’ve been trying to apply for grants in eco-tourism and agro forestry to help with the conservation of the forest. 

Magoroto Forest Estate has grown to be a success over the last 5 years. It is now among the top local destinations for tourism and nature adventures in Tanzania. « It has also positively impacted the surrounding communities by providing employment opportunities and advocating for social changes », states proudly Jeremiah

Magoroto Forest Estate

In the future, they would like to expand Magoroto Forest Estate in order to add more activities. Those include zip lining, paintballing, high ropes and many more.

Furthermore , they are looking to add more accommodation options to cater for the disabled and different luxury standards.