John Gould, the founder and Executive Director of the Gould Family Foundation visited The Village Microclinic

A delegation of Gould Family Foundation composed of John Gould, the founder and Executive Director and Alain Binamungu Heri/Lead Biomedical Technician-French Speaking Countries visited the Village Microclinic, on this Friday September 30, 2022.

The founder and CEO of the Village Microclinic Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana explained to his guests how the Village Microclinic will serve the nearby population with healthcare as they have to climb mountains or pass by the main road (RN1 : Bujumbura to Bugarama) and cross to Isare and reach a sanitary district which is at about 25 km.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana explaining to his guests. Picture by

As the Village Microclinic prepares to open its doors as soon as water and electricity will be provided by REGIDESO to the Village Microclinic, John Gould has already promised to offer equipment to the Village Microclinic.

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When John Gould asked who will be in the staff of the Village Microclinic, Dr. Tharcisse precises that they are awaiting the official launching and the volunteers who have been working for the Village Microclinic will be the first to be hired. He also mentions that the Village Microclinic will have a Cardiologist, a Pediatrician, a Gynecologist, and an Ophthalmologist.

Dr. Tharcisse led the delegation to the hill where the first pavilion was built showing different services that will be offered after it opens the doors.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana explaining to his guests. Picture by

Presenting to his guests a project of building a large pavilion of 4 floors after the official launching of the first pavilion, Dr Tharcisse shows the architectural design of the next Pavilion.