Hibo Ali created Women Center for Peace and Development

Ever since she was young, Hibo Ali liked to defend the rights of young girls in school and protect them from street boys. Then when she reached university and realized that she was the only lady in class, she then made it her life mission to work towards the education and development of women. In June 2017, she created Women Center for Peace and Development and now it has offices in Dhuusamareeb and Mogadishu in Somalia.

Hibo Ali is a courageous young woman leading a movement of great change for women in Somalia and Africa. She is the Executive Manager and a member of the board of directors at Women Center for Peace and Development( WOCPAD) a non-profit organization in Somalia. The organization’s aim is to improve risk awareness, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, prevention of violent extremists , development initiatives and other socio-economic conditions.

Before becoming a chairperson at WOCPAD in 2021, she served as the advocacy director who was in charge of all the outreach operations in the whole country. Hibo also worked with multiple other organizations both public and private in different sectors. She works as a gender advisor, human right activist and advocate for women’s equal rights. She held many other posts, she was also a lecturer in university. Hibo received her MBA from AISA university and a bachelor’s degree in Business science from Somalia University.

WOCPAD is the only woman led organization that advocates for women-rights in Somalia. It is made up of an all women staff that are dedicated to the work and have strong ties to their community. In the future they are planning to train over 100 businesswomen to manage their business efficiently. The vision of the organization is centered on the development of women in all different spheres of life.