Didou Amissi Peter, the tailor by profession and owner of Dap couture

From creating the famous “Madame la ministre” blouse style, to great innovative fashion, Didou Amissi Peter does it all. He is the owner of “Dap couture », a multi-purpose tailor atelier that makes both male and female clothes. On top of that, they also make things like curtains, pillow cases, mosquito nets, etc. Dap couture was started in 2020 and is located in Kamenge, quartier Kavumu 1er, No. 75.

Having done my studies in the communication field, being a tailor was not number one on my list.” Amissi says that he had to get out of his comfort zone and learn something new. He was always fascinated by fashion and the different styles of clothing. So, he wanted to add his own personal touch to it.

One of the most common issue with tailor shops is getting your order on time. Dap couture’s main pride is that they produce the orders at exactly the same time promised. However it was not always the case especially in the beginning. A lot of people would put in orders due at the same time. What sets them apart from the other tailor shops is their creativity, ability to produce styles authentic to the model given and their affordable prices.

Amissi also tells us that the motivation to start this carrier came from the scarcity of employment in Burundi. Therefore he wanted to create a job for himself but also provide opportunities to other willing people. He was first drawn to male fashion and later branched into female fashion especially party clothes.

His hope and vision is to widen his reach to more countries, develop the Burundian fashion standards by creating original styles inspired by the country and the people. He also wishes to create a youth training workshop where he can teach young aspiring tailors in the purpose to eliminate the unemployment problem.