Delphine Umugwizawase from Rwanda is proving against all odds how powerful women can be

Who said women couldn’t be great leaders? Apart from being a midwife, Delphine Umugwizawase is the owner and founder of Ubudasa Wall Paints, a company which doing everything from interior to exterior designs of houses in Kigali, Rwanda.

Some of the services they provide include interior and exterior wall designs, modern ceilings and floors, modern kitchen and house decorations, manufacturing 3D wall tiles, manufacturing humidity preventing bricks called ingagi bricks and umugwegwe ceilings.

Ubudasa Wall Paints was started in 2020. It is located in Rwanda, exactly in Kigali, Kabeza. Delphine says that after covid-19 broke out and many people lost their jobs, she was motivated to use her passion to provide jobs for the youth and women but also give their customers quality services.

Every service provided by Ubudasa Wall Paints is set apart by its quality and uniqueness. Most of the materials they use are made or personally handpicked by them. They come up with creative designs according to what the client needs and in correspondence to the design of the house itself.

In the days to come, they hope to produce their own brand of paints, continue promoting females in the technical industry as well as create more jobs for young people.