Audrey Pascale Nisabwe, the young entrepreneur and CEO of the printing house Mark It on the fast rise track in Burundi

Being one of the first few women to head a printing house, Audrey is a pioneer and a good example to the younger generations. Following her education and work experience in media, public relations and management, she was pushed to a new adventure by the zeal she had of improving the printing industry in Burundi.

Audrey started Mark It in 2021. It provides all types of printing services and others like digital marketing, graphic design, strategic communication tips and more according to the client’s need. “I wanted to create a platform where young women can have the opportunity to contribute to the economy as well as develop themselves”,says Nisabwe.

Audrey Pascale Nisabwe, entrepreneur and CEO of Mark It

She strongly reiterated the importance and the contribution of females to the work force. « Mark It has a staff of very dedicated and creative young people of which the majority are females », she adds.

A strong and courageous young lady such as Audrey Pascale should be highly supported. Although the journey was rocky, she managed to build and maintain a successful business which keeps growing everyday.

Mark It Office

The company wishes to expand and stretch their abilities by continuously setting new challenges for themselves. They also wish to create more job opportunities and encourage young women to strive towards financial independence.

Mark It printings

For more information you can reach them by visiting their office at Avenue du 18 Septembre, New Space Building, office no. 01