At 29 years old, Arlette Irankunda is the boss of the CareConnect Physiotherapy center

After her secondary studies at the Lycée du Saint Esprit of Bujumbura, Arlette Irankunda went to India to continue her studies in Physiotherapy. She completed her studies in 2020 with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, Neurology option. After her return to Burundi, she taught at the National Institute of Public Health and at the Hope Africa University. In 2021, she officially launched her own Physiotherapy center called CareConnect Physiotherapy.

As Arlette Irankunda points out, CareConnect Physiotherapy is a center well equipped to offer the best Physiotherapy services in Bujumbura. “We help people of all ages with physical problems due to certain diseases of the neurological, motor, respiratory system…“, she specifies.

A Heart of Compassion

What I love most about what I do is to improve the everyday lives of my patients,” says Arlette Irankunda proudly.

Thus, the physiotherapist Arlette reveals why she founded her center. “I thought of creating CareConnect Physiotherapy because there are not enough professional Physiotherapy centers in Bujumbura. I also wanted to have my own business,” she says.

Also, she wanted to serve all the needy people. “I knew this was the right path when I began to realize that there are many people who have ended up with disabilities due to lack of appropriate Physiotherapy services.»

Despite various challenges, the young physiotherapist did not throw in the towel. Rather, she overcame all challenges through her patience. “The biggest obstacle was waiting to get my authorization to open to the public for my Physiotherapy center for I had to spend money for several months without income. Given that I couldn’t do much about it, I was just patient.”

A dream of all time!

If the phone could ring right now with the opportunity of her dreams, Physiotherapist Irankunda says it would be funding to further innovate her center. This is how she would like her actions to be indelible in a lot of hearts. “I would like people to remember me as a person who left an imprint in the field of re-education and rehabilitation and who inspired many young people to be independent,” she reveals.

Arlette says that although her path to entrepreneurship was not easy, she is learning every day. “But the main thing is to start and after that the business can only grow,” she says.

Arlette advises all young people who would like to make their way into entrepreneurship not to be discouraged, to do research and to seize the opportunities within their reach. “I would tell young people to have the courage to implement their projects by doing research on how to find the funding that goes with their projects. »